Our interview continues with Emily Craft, RD - Learn a little bit more about who might benefit from Nutrition Counseling, why it would be helpful, and some quick self-care tips from an expert!

What are some challenges that your clients face?

"At Insight, the clients I wo...

Fear is an interesting emotion. With the looming potential for natural disasters, even if you are not in the eye of the storm, fear appears.

For many it is uncomfortable, it involves waves of tightness in the chest, clenched sweaty fists, racing hearts & racing thoughts...

Jess shares more about issues that clients face, the importance of therapy, and about self-care. Learn a little bit more about her in part two of her interview.

What are some challenges that your clients face?

"Many of my clients struggle with family conflict. Common cha...

Therapist Interview Series #2: Part 2 - Featuring Tim Moslener, LCPC

Curious about our therapists? Take time to learn more in Part 2 of our interview with Tim!

Sometimes there is a preference for gender when choosing a therapist; what makes your perspective as a male the...

Meet our newest clinician - Timothy Moslener, LCPC; find out what his style is like and why scheduling an appointment with him today may change your life.

Change is inevitable, it is the one constant in life. We must adapt and grow, as changes become new possibilities. 

We are ent