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Business Consultation Services

Initial Business Assessment


Assess your needs with a private practice and insurance based group practice expert. 

Are you considering private practice? Have you started one and now need help with getting paneled?

Are your systems not strong enough? Or do they just need a refresh.

Help get prepared today.



If you are ready to go, let's get you committed to creating sustainable systems that work for you OR tweak the system you currently have to make it sustainable.

Invest in your self, by working together on your business, so it can thrive.

Commit to a 3 - 5 hour package to set up, enhance, or revamp your systems


Solid Structure

Creating a solid structural foundation will sustain your business and lead you to feeling confident in your self and your decisions.

Are you ready to establish your practice, but aren't sure where to start?

This wrap around service, really takes you from start to finish to hang your shingle.

On going access with check-in's and task accountability. 5+ hour package 

Smiling Businesswoman


Build a solid business structure.

5+ hour packages helping you start your business from the ground up. Assess, Commit, and develop Confidence with this package

starting $1250

Working Together


Assess & Grow

Assess and grow your business with the added accountability and systems developed to get where you need to be. This package is 3-5 hours 

starting $750

Young Businesswomen


Assess needs.

Let's figure out what your needs are and layout a plan. This initial assessment includes recommendation and next steps. Leave with action items.

initial 1hr $250

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