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Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP)

Services to tap into your nervous system. 

Woman with Headphones

What is SSP?

SSP is an innovative auditory system designed to activate your autonomic nervous system's (ANS) safety response. This response can get stuck in fight or flight (sympathetic) or freeze (dorsal) creating a system wired in feeling unsafe and in danger, sensitive to noise, disconnected to people, and in a survival state.

This helps generally tune into the working of your inner ear to alter your ANS state by shifting your vagal system with music and sound.

This program is based off of Dr. Stephen Porges' Polyvagal Theory, which helps us understand how our mammalian system and our social system work together and impact how we interact with others.

Read more about Polyvagal Theory here.

SSP - Connect


Prep your system for connection, by introducing the sounds of the protocol.

This classical or music playlist, is a gentle and calming introduction for systems that may need a slower approach. This allows you to develop some recognition of the songs and sounds you will go deeper with in core. You can also listen to the core music playlist, so that you are familiar with the sounds unfiltered that make up the Core program.

This is likely the first step you will take when embarking on SSP.

Helpful for those with: trauma, sound sensitivity, and highly dysregulated systems.

SSP - Core

Main Protocol

Core is the original protocol developed by Dr. Porges; this consists of a full 5 hours of sounds curated and filtered to enhance your social engagement system within your ANS and release the stress response.

This can be broken down 10-30 minutes/day for 10 days or more OR for 60 minutes/day for 5 days. This varies based on individual needs, nervous system response, as well as general symptoms.

This protocol will be administered with careful attention and attunement by your facilitator, in order to attend to and regulate your state if you become dysregulated.

SSP - Balance

Solidify &


Balance is used after SSP Core is completed. This is to solidify and strengthen the impact of SSP. This will allow your system to stay engaged. Maintain the balance of your various states and overall make a longer lasting impact of the SSP system.

Need to revisit CORE - let's do that and then come back to balance.

Together we will unlock the powers of your nervous system in order to re-attune your experience with safety and security.


Assessments for remote SSP can be completed today.

Let's get to know how your 

nervous system functions today.

Online counselling


Initial Assessment

Initial Assessment; 1 hour to determine if SSP is right for you. This includes a detailed review of various assessments and feedback.



Listening to SSP on Phone


Tune Up your CORE w/ Balance

Finished CORE FULL/CORE LITE and need a to solidify the growth made. Subscribe to Balance for access to this tuning. *Must complete full or lite for access.



Coregulation with SSP


Includes Connect, Core, Balance

Core is the essential treatment of the SSP. This is a 5 hour experience, 1 hour session each - or broken into smaller segments.



Listening to SSP


Includes Connect & Core

Start with Connect and intro to the CORE music, no filter, just sound. Then embark on the CORE filtered sound for the full effect.



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