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Group Psychotherapy

  • Recognize inter-relational patterns

  • Develop deep connections

  • Know you are not alone.

  • Gain confidence through connections

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Groups are currently in development & running - Body Image Group for Eating Disorders kicked off in October - second session starting in January! For some of the psychotherapy groups, you will be required to attend an initial individual evaluation, at that time it will be assessed if individual sessions are needed, in addition to group. If individual is recommended will connect you with a therapist that best meets your needs, either with Insight Wellness or from our referral network. Got questions? Email:

**If you are referred by your therapist we will request a release and obtain any necessary information to ensure we are a good fit for your needs.

Forming Groups:

  • Body Image Group for Eating Disorders (starting again in January)

  • Mom's Support (in development)

  • Social Anxiety Process Group (Starting in January)

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If you are a current client please email

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