About Insight Wellness 

Insight Wellness of Maryland, LLC. was founded in 2016. We offer psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and families of all shapes and sizes. We are LGBTIQIA+ Affirming & BIPOC Allies. Our mission is to assist you to live life to the fullest. Getting help is a hard first step, if you are ready to change your life than YOU have come to the right place! We will assist you to identify triggers, examine your thinking patterns, and together use your strengths to change how you are handling stress, facing problems, and overcoming challenges. 


We are currently forming various groups including: Developing Distress Tolerance, Eating Disorder Group for Mom's, Post-partum mental health group, Body Image Group, and MORE. 


In addition to our services for clients, our commitment also extends to our fellow professionals, in an attempt to hone the skills that will ultimately help you make changes in your life. This commitment has led us to developing intensive psychotherapy training for graduate level interns (Fall 2022), a supervision program for new clinicians, and additional training specific for reinforcing a rich skill set for advanced clinicians. This is a collaborative environment for psychotherapists to connect, support, and continue to learn to hone their chosen craft of psychotherapy in order to provide the best services possible.


Insight Wellness is working on adding additional locations across the state of Maryland & Virginia!

Katia Callan 

B.A. /  MSW / LCSW-C

Katia is the founder of Insight Wellness, she started a sought after private practicein 2010; with guidance of an incredible mentor and after 7 years of growth on her own; it was time for a change. Having a wealth of knowledge from building a successful private practice, managing & billing insurance, and having exceptional psychotherapy skills, she determined that developing Insight Wellness would assist the community and the field in a way she could not do in solo practice.


In addition to building Insight Wellness, she provides psychotherapy, business consultation to clinicians, is a BSWE approved supervisor and is developing various continuing education courses. She is the co-host/co-founder of Insurance Answers Podcast, developed for mental health clinicians by mental health clinicians to provide education and support for those who want to build an insurance based private practice. In 2016, Katia completed Trauma Treatment Training Level 1 with Lisa Ferentz, LCSW-C. This speciality training in Trauma has given her even more expertise as a trauma specialist in the Baltimore Metro Area. Due to the current mental health crisis and continued stress of the pandemic, she completed EMDR Level 1 & 2 training in 2021 & is actively pursuing her certification to be an EMDR Certified Therapist. 


She is also an Adjunct Faculty member at University of Maryland, Baltimore, School of Social Work, she taught her first course in the Fall of 2017, being reinvigorated by the excitement and eagerness of new social worker, she taught Clinical Social Work with Addictive Behavior Patterns. She has gone on to teach Paradigms of Clinical Social Work (Spring 2018), Advanced Clinical Interventions (Spring 2019) & returning again to Addictive Behavior Patterns (Fall 2019). She hopes to branch out to offer field instruction as well as teaching additional classes in the future. She also received the Dean's Fall 2017 Teaching Award for Clinical Social Work with Addictive Behavior Patterns. 

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Our Offerings

We provide individual, couples, groups and family counseling. We also provide business consultation, supervision, and continuing education programs.

Our Mission

To provide excellent  psychotherapy as well as state of the art training and education for clinicians practicing the art of psychotherapy.