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Insight Tree
A group of people participating in group therapy

Develop insight.

Find wellness.

A Happy Family
Lesbian couple and their baby in a carrier with a pacifier.
A happy young woman smiling.

Your journey to wellness starts here.

We merge the concepts of Insight and Wellness to provide individual, group, couples, and family therapy as well as nutrition services for teens and adults - services for children in the Fall 2023!
INSIGHT: "the capacity to gain a deep and intuitive understanding"  WELLNESS: "the active process through which people become aware of, and make choices towards, a more successful existence..."
(Dr. Bill Hetter, 1976, Six Dimensions of Wellness).


When you develop insight you find wellness and experience the best of life.

We are a LGBTQIA Safe Space


A person taking a leap from one ledge to another with a colorful sunset and water in the background.

Take the leap to change your life.



Individual, family, couples counseling services are provided by various practitioners. Insight Wellness, offers modes of therapy that are specific and customized. Our provides tailor services to meet your needs.


IN DEVELOPMENT: Learn more about yourself, your relationships, how you interact with other, as well as how you manage issues in our Groups. We are currently forming various psychotherapy groups to meet your needs.

For Clinicians

In progress: Continuing Education & Trainings provide current and trending CEUs for licensed professions. Utilizing cutting edge research and advancements in psychotherapy, we provide innovative education to further your skills.

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