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Therapist Interview Series 1.2

Therapist Interview Series #2: Part 2 - Featuring Tim Moslener, LCPC

Curious about our therapists? Take time to learn more in Part 2 of our interview with Tim!

Sometimes there is a preference for gender when choosing a therapist; what makes your perspective as a male therapist unique?

Being comfortable with your therapist is such an important aspect of therapy. Sometimes barriers such as gender can get in the way of the progress a client is hoping to make. I've had clients tell me that they'd prefer to work with a female therapist and I want to be supportive of that. While working with a therapist of different gender may be uncomfortable at first there may be some benefits as well. This could be an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, work on having a trusting and healthy relationship with a member of a different gender, and develop a perspective that you haven't considered in the past. I may not have experienced what my clients are struggling with; however, I can listen, be supportive, and provide a space for clients to share their thoughts and feelings.


Why is important for people to participate in therapy?

Clients can use therapy as a tool to take back ownership over their life. Life can be so hectic that we feel we have lost control. I've worked with clients who have felt lost in relationships, work, and school. When they have finally taken the time to slow down, their lives feel that they're back in the driver's seat, they are in control. There is a sense of relief when it doesn't feel like life is pulling you in every direction and I believe therapy is a crucial part of that.


What are some self-care activities that you use for managing general life stressors?

Self-care is such an important aspect to help manage our busy lives. Taking time for myself by going on hikes, brewing beer, kayaking, cooking, yoga, and now taking my dog for long walks (my wife and I just rescued a 1.5 year old beagle!!) are just a few things I schedule into my week to take a break from life stressors. I encourage clients to do the same for themselves; take time for something you enjoy and allow yourself to be in the moment with it.


Are you ready to figure out how you can live in the moment, take back your life, and reach the goals you have been wishing for? Book an appointment with Tim today BOOK IT TODAY

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