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Three Hundred Sixty Five.

We are all hearing, reading, seeing, and even saying it..."This time last year I..."

It's been a year since...

Can you believe...

I am still trying to process March 2020, now it's March 2021...

I haven't seen (INSERT FAMILY OR FRIEND HERE) since...

My kids haven't been in school since...

Are you experiencing this too? Many of us are. Time still seems suspended in some ways. Left abruptly; frozen back in March of 2020, on pause or just stopped. We can't rewind, we aren't really paused or suspended in time, and yet here we are in the same time, space, and season - three hundred and six five days later.

While time has crept or flown, depending on your experience, we are here now.

How do we begin to process?

Where do we go from here?

What is next? When?

How much longer?

How do we heal?

While there are still many questions, one thing is certain. We all have healing to do.

Healing is complicated when you are still in the midst of trauma. Until we are in the AC (After Covid), we will be exposed to traumas - no matter the size. While it might not seem as intense as it did last March, our nervous system is still perceiving threats. Whether it is zoom/meets with all the faces at work/school staring back at you or people not following guidelines or having to wear a mask longer than you’re used to or fears about when vaccination can happen or having to make crucial decisions about what is next - these are all threats. These threats overtime bombard your system with stress hormones - a chronic trauma state. You may have lingering thoughts and feelings of shear burnout, panic, uncertainty, or maybe you are calm as a cucumber with all those years of anxiety practice.

However & where ever you find yourself as we move through March 2021. Take a minute to reflect on this past year. What you want to continue to do or not, what might need to be re-framed or refocused, and how you will heal from any experiences that impacted you throughout this past year.

Healing takes time. You are not alone. The world is right here with you.

Here's to holding hope for the next three sixty-five.


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