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Mindful Mondays Series


Mindfulness is the new black. It has garnered much attention throughout the mental health field as a means to cope with stressors and improve overall capacities for frustration tolerance, awareness, and daily functioning. Have you tried flipping through your newsfeed or Facebook recently without seeing an article or post about mindfulness? Mindfulness has become more mainstream.

Throughout this series we will look at all things mindfulness from basic definitions and roots, to benefits and applicable everyday techniques. The ongoing conversation about becoming more self-aware is nothing new, but has certainly been revitalized with the increase in applying time tested Eastern thought processes to a modern, fast-paced, and hyper-stimulated society. Perhaps you’ve heard of mindful eating, mindful finance, and of course a recent Harvard article citing actual changes to the brain resulting from routine mindful practices.

Just like any other skill, task, or exercise mindfulness requires practice. As we explore mindful activities throughout this series we encourage you to practice them on a regular basis. We encourage you to remain patient and committed in allowing these skills to develop over time. We will start small and work to increase in duration and frequency over time. The more we practice mindful activities the more we can be mindful with less concerted effort. We also encourage you to be mindful of the activities that work for you & practice activities that are safe and comfortable.

And so, we encourage you today and every day to Be Mindful.

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