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Wondering Wednesdays...

Fear is an interesting emotion. With the looming potential for natural disasters, even if you are not in the eye of the storm, fear appears.

For many it is uncomfortable, it involves waves of tightness in the chest, clenched sweaty fists, racing hearts & racing thoughts, stuck - paralyzed in a frozen space or sneaks laced up and ready to run. For some it is a rush, a high of excitement, the rapid beating of the heart screams I am alive. And for others it brings a desperate attempt to survive, a fight - that could be irritable responses to your partner or waking up on the wrong side of the bed ready to jump and attack at any moment.

Fear has allowed us to survive. Fear is rooted in the oldest part of humanity for survival. Fear can effect each of us differently, whether you are fighting, freezing, or fleeing we all experience the same emotion.

Today on this sunny, then cloudy, then rainy humid day near Baltimore, I wonder - why are some able to just embrace fear the way they do? What about their experience allows fear to feel okay, while for others there is a desperate attempt to not only prevent feeling fear, but also escape it as it comes. While I may, and other may, have some real "answers" to these questions, it still makes me pause to think about our human experiences.

So I wonder...what if, just for today, you choose to do something different in the face of your fear?

What stand firm when you want to run?

You move when you want to freeze?

You embrace when you want to fight?

Maybe you too will be able to feel & face fear head on and change how you view this emotion.

***Disclaimer, please stay safe if you are anywhere near Hurricane Florence, if you are anywhere within evacuation areas, please do not take this as advice to stay!!!!

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