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Mindful Mondays

Balance stones

There has been an image floating around, imagine a dog and their owner walking towards the woods with the sun in their faces, just as todays bright warm sun was shining! The image shows an owner who is "mind full" with every thought running through their head. Every day mondain issues, general to-do lists, songs and random thoughts.

​In contrast, the "mindful" owner only sees the trees and sun ahead, present in the hear and now.

Now take a moment to think about your day. When you ate your breakfast, did you take a moment to taste it? Were you really hearing your co-worker during that meeting? While you were playing with your children, were you complying your grocery list or planning tonight's dinner? It is easy to have a full mind, when we are still learning to be mindful.

Tomorrow, pick one time in your day to stay in the moment, be focused on all your sense, and try for just 2 minutes to remain present in that time. If a thought pops up, imagine it is like a balloon floating away when you release it from your hand.

And so, we encourage you today and every day to Be Mindful.

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