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Sparkling New Year

2016 is a new year - many times we look to the start of a new year as a chance to look back on our past experience and think of what we want to change. Rather than make steps to follow through with those changes, we often "resolve" to deprive ourselves of things such as a variety of foods, the space to relax rather than be at the gym, or change some other character flaw that has plagued us year in and year out.

Rather than resolve or deprive yourself this year - take a moment to reflect on what you accomplished in 2015, think about what you overcame and where you are going in your life. Right here, right now.

In 2016, while stuck in your home because of this storm, take a moment on these last days of January to really review who you are - who are you becoming, and what has served you this past year? What helped you to be all that you are?

When you hear those things - charish them, nourish them, and love them. Those things that make you who you are - when fed and given space, will flourish.


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