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New home for Insight Wellness!

1615 York Road Suite 300

Change is inevitable, it is the one constant in life. We must adapt and grow, as changes become new possibilities.

We are entering a new season - Fall of 2017, and we will have a new home for Insight Wellness of Maryland! The necessity of growth was unexpected, but timing is everything. Our new home is a beautiful building with an incredible open air atrium filled with light and holds a constant reminder of growth in a Bonsai garden creating balance in the middle of the building.

Our new office is located at 1615 York Road in Lutherville, it was a suite toured in 2015, with a dear colleague - but the Exchange was where we landed. Who knew that two years of transitions and growth would complete a full circle landing right back to this very suite with so many possibilities lingering in it.

We are currently under construction and set to move in October, it is slated to be our home for the next five years and hopefully will allow us to grow and develop more branches and firm roots for Insight Wellness.

Keep an eye out for pictures in our new suite come October!

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