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Therapist Interview Series 1.0

Insight Wellness presents:

Therapist Interview Series - this is an opportunity to get to know a little bit more about our therapists and learn what it might be like to work with them. Finding a therapist can be hard, it is a big step. You have to choose to make a change in your life and trust in a person you don't know. For many that is the most influential part of therapy - making a connection, so take some time to learn about our therapists!

Therapist Interview Series # 1 - Part 1: Featuring Tim Moslener, LCPC

What experiences brought you to the helping profession?

"I've always enjoyed working and collaborating with others. Whether this was in school for group projects, being part of a sports team, or writing music together; connecting and setting goals with others is always a rewarding experience. Being a therapist, provides the opportunity to work with people who are struggling in relationships, managing anxiety and depression, or adjusting to life changes in a collaborative way to help them reach their personal goals. This collaborative process is helpful, so client's do not have to make every decision alone."


What is a therapy session like with you?

"Every client comes to therapy with different experiences and skills. Some may have seen a therapist in the past, while for others this may be a new experience. Regardless of previous therapy or not, I work with clients in a way that they feel that someone is listening. I'm not here to judge. I'm not here to tell you what is wrong. I'm here to be supportive and listen. Just experiencing someone listening is such a positive experience and can be such a relief."


What are some challenges that your clients face?

My clients have experienced a variety of issues. Many have "difficulty maintaining relationships, feeling stuck in their career or school, struggling with low-esteem, and expect perfection out of every area of their life. These types of stressors cause anxiety, sleepless nights, feeling moody, sadness, and loneliness. When these feelings build up over time - it seems like nothing can go your way. Having a space to share these thoughts and feelings assists clients to develop a new perspective and understanding of what you are experiencing. Together we create new ways to not allow these feelings to take over your life."


This is just Part 1 of our 2 part Interview with Tim - so stay tuned for next weeks questions to learn more about Tim.

Interested in a session? You can email Tim directly or follow links to book an intake session.

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