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Emily Craft, RD - Practitioner Interview Series 3.1

Well it is the new year, so the noise about food is all around us. You will hear more about that another day. Normally this is our "Therapist Interviews," but adding a Registered Dietitian to our team recently just made sense. Wellness has to include nutrition, so being able to offer access to this essential service allows us to treat even more of the whole person!

Take a minute to read part one about Emily Craft, RD and find out how she might be able to work with someone like you - it might also help to demystify what nutrition counseling is all about!

How did you know you wanted to become a registered dietitian?

"I actually started out as a nursing major in college! I know that I wanted a health-related job and at the time, I didn’t really know that being a dietitian was an option. I realized as I was going through my coursework that I loved the idea of meeting one on one with people to talk specifically about their health goals. I love food, too, so this was a great fit! I also learned more about eating disorders in college and ended up starting the National Eating Disorders Awareness Committee at the University of Delaware to help promote resources for people who were struggling."


What do you hope clients gain from working with you?

"My goal in working with my clients at Insight is to help people improve their relationships with food. Everyone has a relationship with food that’s formed by so many things - preferences, family background and traditions, culture, and health. Combine this with what we see on TV, the internet, and social media every day and it can seem difficult to understand how we should nourish our bodies. The good news is that we all have internal wisdom about what we need, and my job is to help people find and improve their body’s intuition about food."


What is a nutrition session like with you?

"When I first meet with people, I do a thorough nutrition intake that involves all sorts of questions. Some might seem like things you would just talk with your doctor about, like current medications and medical conditions. From there, we go deeper into food history and discuss things like your current eating patterns, body image, and your thoughts and feelings about food. Once we complete our evaluation, we discuss what might be helpful for us to work on together - every session ends with goal setting."

Curious to find out more? Emily is booking appointments now for nutrition counseling services. Email her today to find out how examining nutrition might unlock the key to wellness for you! or click here to book your initial appointment

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