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Therapist Interview Series 2.1

Jess Willard Ayer, LCSW-C

Our Therapist Interview Series continues - this is an opportunity to get to know a little bit more about our therapists and learn what it might be like to work with them. Finding a therapist can be hard, it is a big step. You have to choose to make a change in your life and trust in a person you don't know. For many that is the most influential part of therapy - making a connection, so take some time to learn about our therapists!

Therapist Interview Series #2 - Featuring: Jess Willard Ayer

How did you know you wanted to become a therapist?

"Every since I was young, I was always the person that friends came to when they needed to talk; I loved helping friends overcome their problems, and I was a good listener. I have always known that I wanted to help people, but I was not exactly sure what that would look like. I remember doing a project about becoming a child psychologist when I was in the 5th grade, but it was not until high school that I learned about the field of social work. I fell in love with the idea of learning how to help support public policy, to become an advocate for the underserved, and to develop the clinical skills to work as a therapist. Becoming a clinical social worker has been the perfect fit for me!"


What do you hope clients gain from working with you?

"I hope that clients learn to find their voice, to be an advocate for themselves, to process emotions, to effectively communicate, to heal any residual pain, to learn to be present and grounded, to be mindful, and to mend broken relationships."


What is a therapy session like with you?

"Therapy sessions with me are client-led. I ask the client to direct the conversation, the topic, and the flow. Some sessions are one-on-one; other times I ask clients to bring in their loved ones or support persons. Some sessions are talk therapy based; some sessions involve mindfulness or guided meditation. I encourage clients to advocate for what they want. I am open to ideas and suggestions. For example, some clients have asked to walk during a session, and we have gone outside and walked around the neighborhood. It is completely up to the client!"

Curious to find out more? Part 2 of our interview with Jess will be posted next week - in the mean time, you can email her directly at or click here to book it.


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