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Therapist Interview Series 2.2

Jess shares more about issues that clients face, the importance of therapy, and about self-care. Learn a little bit more about her in part two of her interview.

What are some challenges that your clients face?

"Many of my clients struggle with family conflict. Common challenge areas within families involve divorce, sibling conflict, communication issues, and extra marital affairs. I also help clients and their families when a family member is suffering with an eating disorder diagnosis. On an individual basis, clients that I work with are struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, life transitions, and body image/low self-esteem."


Why do you think it is important for people to participate in therapy?

"I think therapy is a valuable tool for many people. It allows people a safe, nonjudgemental atmosphere to process difficult emotions, painful experiences, and challenging times. It is a also a great way to work through smaller issues, life transitions, and sudden/unwanted changes. Therapy is a great tool for getting to better know one's self, for better quality of life, and for interpersonal growth."


What are some self-care activities that you use for managing general life stressors?

"Self-care is an important tool for everyone to develop, not just clinicians. But applying appropriate self care practices helps me better support my clients. I utilize several areas of self care. For personal self-care, I participate in exercise (both independently and in group formats), I engage in social activities with friends, I create time and space each day to relax and unwind, I read fiction novels, and I spend time with my dog, Toppy. For professional self care, I participate in group consultation, professional development, and networking functions, like dinner with colleagues."


Now that you know a little more about Jess - schedule your intake appointment today!


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